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Islander Charters Sportfishing: Fish-Handling Ethic

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Recently, advances have been made aboard many sportfishing boats in an effort to raise the quality level of the catch. Islander sportfishing is at the forefront of that movement going the extra distance to deliver a truly superior product. Islander is currently one of the few boats that employs rubber landing mats across the entire aft deck which is a key component in the quest for high quality fish.

While the 'RSW', or 'refrigerated sea water' method is now endorsed by many vessels in the fleet it is important to understand that true 'sashimi grade' quality fish is a result of much more than that. Storage in a fully filled tank of 30 degree Sportfishingseawater is a major factor with regard to quality but it is only one part of the process. The majority of the damage which contributes to a reduction in the quality of a catch takes place before your fish ever makes it to the hold. It is for this reason that Islander's entire aft deck is covered in 5/8" rubber landing mats. This soft mat eliminates scratching or tearing of the skin which would in turn allow RSW (refrigerated seawater) to penetrate the flesh degrading the quality of the fillet. Simply put, if your fish is landed on an abrasive deck, it will not retain the high quality of a fish landed on a rubber mat. Additionally, after landing, all fish are spiked and bled thereby eliminating the possibility of damage due to lactic acid build-up. Spiking the brain is a required procedure for the production of sashimi grade tuna worldwide. If you are interested in reading more about our philosophy on fish handling please follow this link:

Commercial sashimi grade handling practices

SportfishingReturning to the dock with a high quality catch is the goal of all sport fishing endeavours. Islander Sportfishing recognizes this fact and strives to lead the way with innovative techniques and solutions.

While fillet services are available on certain trips, Islander Sportfishing seeks to comply with all Mexican Sportfishing regulations. On trips where fish cleaning conflicts with those regulations, several processing options await you at the dock. Sportsmen's Seafood (619-224-3551) and 5-Star Fish Processing (619-299-9996) are all equipped to deal with your fresh or frozen catch in a timely manner offerning same day service or shipping. Both companies offer fish smoking and your catch is always vacuum sealed. Additionally, Fisherman's Canning is available for those who want to trade their fish for canned tuna. For those who prefer to process their catch at home, Islander Charters recommends a cooler filled with ice (ice can be purchased at the dock) for transport.