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Frequently Asked Questions: Guadalupe Island White Shark Dives

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Q: What’s included in the trip?
A: Islander's shark cage dives are all-inclusive. That means Four- star meals, snacks, all drinks including beer and wine, air-conditioned stateroom accommodations, Guadalupe Island Biosphere permits, Mexican Tourist Visas, masks, wetsuits, regulators, weight system and of course a very experienced, friendly and helpful crew are all included.

Q: What sets Islander Charters apart from other Great White expeditions to Guadalupe Island?
A: Islander Charters is the whole package that you will not get with other outfitters meaning we own and operate our own boat, use our own shark cages, as well as all of our own dive equipment and we lead our own trips. This allows us to customize all of our equipment to mesh perfectly with our operation and guarantee every aspect of your trip. Guadalupe Island and surrounding waters are also on our doorstep which means we have the local knowledge to insure a successful trip. If we're not cage diving at Guadalupe Island, it's likely we're at the other end of Guadalupe Island in search of Yellowfin Tuna on a long-range sportfishing trip. We utilize our experience finding fish and apply it to finding sharks at Guadalupe Island with unmatched success.

Q: Is Great White Shark cage diving safe?
A:Yes, despite what you see on sensationalized TV programs, Great White Sharks are very cautious and graceful animals. We do not encourage sharks to bite cages or crash into cages doing harm to their teeth and endangering divers. We have a perfect safety record which includes never having a “close call”. Our professional crew, with thousands of days of big game fishing experience, understands the movements of large animals and handles them expertly. Great opportunity for shark pics

Q: Do I need to be SCUBA certified to cage dive?
A: No. Although scuba diving experience is a plus, it’s not required as the air is surface supplied via hookah hose in our two large floating shark cages.To participate in the submerged cage, SCUBA certification is required. If you have never breathed through a regulator, our dive instructor will work with you and patiently evaluate your comfort level in the water. If you are still uncomfortable breathing from a regulator, you will still be able to clearly view White Sharks from the dive deck topside.

Great White Shark Q:How big are the Great White Sharks?
A: Most White Sharks at Guadalupe Island range from 10-16 feet long. Although large, it’s not the length of the animals that awes most first timers, it’s the girth.

Q: How reliable is Great White Shark viewing at Guadalupe Island?
A: Extremely reliable. To date, we have a 100% success rate. We normally encounter multiple White sharks each day. Our record is nine different animals circling the boat at the same time! In fact, we guarantee White Sharks or your next trip is free.

Q: How clear is the water at Guadalupe Island?
A: Very clear. Unlike shark diving California waters, Guadalupe Island boasts visibility of over 100 feet. On average, you can expect 80-120 foot visibility. The clear water is the main reason Guadalupe Island has become the worlds' premier White Shark diving location.

Great White Shark Q: How cold is the water at Guadalupe Island?
A: The water temperature at Guadalupe Island ranges from 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit. We suggest diving with 5mm – 7mm wetsuit with a hood. Although the water is not cold like shark diving California, multiple dives each day can leach warmth form your body. Islander advice for staying warm is to not get cold in the first place! Wetsuits provided by Islander Charters are 7mm.

Q: How long does it take to get to Guadalupe Island?
A: Travel time is approximately 23 hours. The majority of the traveling is done at night while guests are sleeping.

Q: Is there anything to do on the boat while travelling to Guadalupe Island?
A: Yes, we have a fully stocked video library with many informative Great White Shark documentaries. But of course, Jaws is usually the first movie people play to revisit the reason they are aboard. In addition, there are informative books about the Great White Sharks. The more you know about them, the more you will get out of your trip. Many divers watch for whales, dolphin and other marine life that we commonly encounter in transit to and from Guadalupe Island.

Q: What are the accommodations like?
A: Sleeping quarter’s onboard Islander are stateroom style with two berths per room. Each room is air-conditioned with a sink, mirror, 110v outlets and storage for clothing. All doors can be secured from inside. Berths have pillows, full linens including a fitted sheet, top sheet and comforter.

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