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Scuba Diving Site: Isla San Martin

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This small island is located 140 miles south of San Diego and 6 miles off the Baja coast. From a distance the island looks like a perfectly round volcano and for good reason. San Martin is in fact an extinct volcano complete with in-tact lava tubes large enough to walk through and is covered by sharp volcanic rock. While uninhabited most of the year, the fish camp on the lee side is occupied only during lobster season. On the south side of the island is a small tidal lagoon that is home to a large population of both northern elephant seals and harbor seals.

San Martin is the first point heading south where a keen California diver will notice subtle changes in underwater flora and fauna that allude to warmer water to the south. This fact makes San Martin the northernmost point in Baja's transition to sub-tropical waters. Shallow reefs host vast schools of game fish like Calico bass, Barracuda and Yellowtail while deeper reefs are home to many species of cold water sponges and sea fans.