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Scuba Diving Site: Punta Banda

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Located just south of Ensenada bay, this 5 mile stretch of coastline is littered with spectacular dive sites. The dive sites range from fields of house-sized boulders to perfectly round pinnacles rising up almost breaking the waters surface.

Jurassic park comes to mind when characterizing the structure both above and below the water. The same innumerable rock structures that make spectacular dive sites also make for treacherous terrain for large vessels such as Islander. Therefore, shuttle diving with Islanders skiffs are the most effective way to access these areas. Once in the water, divers will be treated to an abundance of marine life unrivalled by coastal locals north of this point. Expect to see healthy numbers species that thrive in rocky areas such as large Sheepshead, Lingcod, Rock Scallops, Yellowtail, Cabezon and other miscellaneous rockfish.