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Scuba Diving: Full List of Dive Sites

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This is a list of man of our favorite places to dive. Of course we have man many more sites that are either un-named or close in location to other sites. Click on a site name for a full description of what to expect.

South California and Northern Baja Info
Southern California/Northern Baja surface temperatures range from the low sixties during spring months to a high near 70 degrees through summer and fall. Although surface temperatures are relatively warm during the summer months, divers will experience a sharp thermocline towards the bottom which is very standard in California diving so don't forget your gloves! The coldest water temperatures but best visibility occur in the winter months where it can drop into the mid 50's then warming up again towards June. Some offshore destination can boast visibility up to 100' or more while visibility at island destinations usually ranges from 30'-80'. As with any offshore/island destination, strong currents and choppy sea states are possibility. Captains will asses conditions and work hard to choose ideal dive sites suiting experience levels of those aboard.

One to three day sites
arrow San Miguel
arrow Santa Cruz
arrow Anacapa
arrow Santa Rosa
arrow Santa Barbara
arrow Begg Rock
arrow San Nicholas
arrow Santa Catalina
arrow San Clemente
arrow Cortez Bank
arrow Tanner Bank
arrow Coronado Islands
arrow Todos Santos
arrow Punta Banda
arrow Punta San Jose
arrow San Martin
arrow Bens Rock
arrow The Breakers

Long-range trips: Northen and Southern Baja Info
Traveling south into Baja, divers will be treated to an extremely unique experience as they dive their way south through the latitudes into progressively warmer water. The full scope of Baja's pacific underwater flora and fauna can be experienced as it transitions from cold productive into warm tropical waters. In a ten day trip, divers may begin their trip in 60 degree water and finish the trip in 80 degree water with no thermocline. Visibility rarely goes below 30 feet and can be as high as 150 feet in many places. Experienced divers will enjoy our open ocean pinnacle diving as well as pristine islands but should be aware that strong currents and choppy surface conditions are frequent challenges and part of diving in untamed and pristine environments.

Four to Six day dive sites
arrow Geronimo Island
arrow Sacrimento Reef
arrow Nicholas Rock
arrow Isla Guadalupe
arrow Chesters Rock
arrow Isla Cedros
arrow Islas San Benito
arrow Isla Natividad

Seven to Ten day dive sites
arrow Isla La Asuncion
arrow San Roque
arrow Hippolito
arrow The Ridge
arrow Thetis Bank
arrow Alijos Rocks
arrow Magdalena Bay
arrow Gordo Banks