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Islander Charters Fuel Surcharge Letter

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Islander Charter's current schedule with pricing is available online. As an accompaniment we’ve chosen to reiterate our fuel policy without a significant change from prior years. We are hopeful that fuel will not reach the record highs it did in years past and that a surcharge will not be necessary. Regardless, in an effort to make our fuel policy transparent and fair to the consumer we feel it is necessary to explain the simple formula by which we arrive at our daily rate.

Islander’s ticket prices are structured on a baseline fuel price and daily burn of $4.00/gallon and 500 gallons/day respectively. At times (if the run is extended or we are moving at full cruise) we burn more than 500 gallons per day and at times we burn less, but 500 gallons is a realistic average. To come up with our surcharge rate we simply take the monetary amount above $4.00/gallon, multiply it by 500 gallons/day and then divide it by the printed passenger load for the pertinent trip. For example: If fuel is $5.00/gallon and the 1.5 day trip has a passenger load of 29 we would multiply $1.00 (amount over $4.00) by 500 (gallons) for a total of 500. We would then divide 500 by 29 for a total of $17. This equation will be updated each time we fuel the boat and we will make the price available to each passenger.


John Conniff
M/V Islander