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M/V Islander: On the Deck

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Live Bait Capacity:

Islander has four large deck tanks with a 150 scoop capacity. She also holds an additional 200 scoops below deck in a 1300 gallon slammer. Her large bait capacity is a huge asset when fishing effectively both offshore and coastwise.

Fish Holds:

Islander has two fish holds capable of storing 10 tons of refrigerated fish. Islander is one of the few boats capable of storing your catch in true RSW (Refrigerated Sea Water) fashion. This means flooding and chilling an entire well of seawater so the fish are suspended neutrally in the water. This is the same state of the art system used for preserving sashimi grade tuna in commercial boats fishing for value-added sushi markets.

Landing Mats:

Landing mats are an integral part of the RSW system. Islander's entire aft deck is covered in 5/8" rubber mats. These non-abrasive mats ensure fish’s skin stays intact preventing water absorbsion in the meat and bruising. Islander charters goes to great lengths to ensure your fish stay in the best possible condition from the ocean to the deck to your table.

Dive Equipment:

Islander is outfitted with Twin Bauer air compressors for reliability. Redundant systems are a necessity while diving California waters as well as remote locations like Guadalupe Island. Our 3600 cu ft of air storage also ensure quick air fills. Islander has two sit-down dive benches designed to hold thirty tanks with gear storage underneath. These benches are aboard only for Scuba trips. Islander’s custom built dive step is only installed for appropriate trips as well. It is designed for California diving with safety and utility in mind. Whether it’s boarding kayaks or diving, our dive step allows safe entry and exit from the water. The hinged ladder is 7 feet wide and free of pinch points. It moves independently from the boat making boarding safe and easy even in choppy conditions. Photographers will appreciate two large camera tables on the aft dive deck. Each one has two levels and measure 3’x3’. Lastly, Islander uses a circulating seawater mask rinse - a must for repetitive cool water dives.

Equipment Handling:

Islander is equipped with a mechanical boom for handling heavy items such as skiffs, shark cages, jet skis and research equipment. Islander’s boom can handle up to 1000lbs and is designed to service both the upper and main deckhandling shark cages, jet skis and other heavy equipment Islander is fitted with a 24ft boom capable of lifting 1000lb of deadweight.